Benefits of color pages and free draw for young children

10th Apr 2014

It used to be that if a child didn’t color in the lines they were doing it wrong. Or if they drew a dog with three legs instead of four they were wrong. Now it has become taboo for young children to color on color pages because it is said to stifle their creativity. And children are allowed to do whatever they want with whatever medium (markers, crayon, paint etc.) they want when drawing. There needs to be a balance between these two activities. Giving children an outlet to be creative is very important. But at the same time teaching them the fine motor skills of how to color in the lines is just as important.

Color Pages- Some children aren’t as creative as others. If you give them a blank paper to color on you may get a couple of marks on the paper before they move on to something else. These kids tend to color more if there is a picture for them to color on. Encouraging young children to color on a color page however they like helps them feel more confident in their skills to color. As children get older the lines on the page help them learn boundaries. Coloring in the lines is a milestone as well. Children feel as accomplished finishing a color page as they do mastering counting to 20 or writing their own name.
In school children are expected to color in boxes different colors to make a picture or a graph. If children haven’t mastered or even been exposed to color sheets these tasks will be more difficult for the child to be successful at.

Free Draw- Giving a child a blank piece of paper so they can draw whatever they want is good to help children be more creative. Giving children the freedom to create and experience different medium is a good for them. It can also give them an outlet for their emotions. Allowing children to free draw helps them develop the ability to draw recognizable pictures and have the confidence to create their own things.
In school children are asked to draw pictures of themselves and other objects. Having experience in creating pictures will help them create a more recognizable picture.

Coloring helps children develop many skills. They work on fine motor control, holding a pencil the correct way; they learn their colors and so many other skills. Letting them experiment with the colors helps them learn what happens when they mix different colors together. Giving your child balance between color pages and free draw will help them have a more rounded skill set.

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