Summer At Hertz

Summertime at Hertz is a favorite! Mixed aged kids create a family of love, leadership and learning. See the registration section below!

Summer at Hertz is for incoming Cubs (1.9 years by the start of the school year) through graduating Dinosaurs (5 year old who have not yet attended kindergarten)!

We start the morning with free play and circle time. We spend a majority of our day outside playing, exploring, tending our school garden and getting to wear bathing suits for sprinkler fun! There is a weekly art or science project that is built on throughout the week. All day songs, Hebrew language, and social skills are being used and talked about.

Each week we have a focused theme:

Week 1: Please and Thank You Week!

Practicing our manners and connecting to our prayers, when do we say “please” and what are we thankful for?

Week 2: Superhero Week!

We learn about community helpers and make them thank you signs:

Sharon police and fire departments, town hall workers, garbage service, mail service etc.

Week 3: Friendship Week!

How do we behave as a kind friend? What do you want in a friend? And practicing fine motor skills by making friendship bracelets with different materials.

Week 4: Massachusetts Artist/Author Week!

We learn about Eric Carle, Mo Willems, Norman Rockwell and other local children artists and writers.

Week 5: Color Math Week!

Completely silly games having to do with math language and the color wheel!

Week 6: Superhero Week!!!!

We’re all super heroes in our own way and this week celebrates that! Kids get to identify their strengths and then have fun making capes, masks, and a story all about our super hero selves!

Week 7: City Planning Week!

Kids will build a city in the open time room out of blocks and will be adding to it throughout the week.

What does a city need? Where do those things go? At the end we’ll make a video to give you all a tour!


To register scroll down to the registration and return it to Leisa Glass:

Hertz Summer Program 2021- Registration Form