Registration Open for 2019-2020

14th Nov 2018

Registration is now Open for 2019-2020.

Download a registration form or contact the Director, Leisa Glass, at 781-784-4050 to request a tour and more information.

All families now receive a 1 year membership to Temple Israel, including High Holiday tickets with their school registration!

The Erna and Julius Hertz Nursery School offers a unique multifaceted pre-school program for children ages 2.9 through age 5.

Affiliated with Temple Israel of Sharon, the program offers varied experiences, equipment, and curriculum to encourage the child’s social, emotional, physical, and cognitive growth.

Hertz Nursery School was one of the first schools to be awarded Magen HaGan Early Childhood Judaic Accreditation by the Greater Boston Bureau of Jewish Education. In May 2005, Hertz received re accreditation of the Magen HaGan.

Hertz’s curriculum provides a seamless integration of the secular and Judaic environment. Children explore and are exposed to a theme-oriented program that compliment areas of Jewish living and learning. This includes holiday celebrations, integrated family programs, introduction of Israel and Hebrew and”Taam Shel Shabbat-A Taste of Shabbat” family experiences.
Hertz also offers a Transitional Kindergarten and Summer programs.

Remember, It all Starts Here!

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